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thanks again for the idea on using the metrics endpoint. I have configured access for the LB it will be switched over to the path "/idp/profile/admin/metrics/net.shibboleth.idp.version".

On the other hand if the status page is effected by remote metadata refresh timeouts how can I be sure that the rest of the IdP operation is not? Switching the LB might even make the situation worse as the LB might think the backend server is working but users might face timeouts.

The only option I see to confidently keep this IdP running is to only use remote metadata with sources that should be available most of the time (i.e. Federation metadata). If I read [1] correctly it does not make any recommendations regarding remote metadata availability. It only emphasizes the importance of trust and that the metadata should not expire. I am happy with metadata "not be loaded by the Shibboleth metadata resolver" when the remote-metadata  source (the remote SP) is not available for longer than "validUntil". I am not OK with user facing timeouts whenever a remote SP is not available.

Is the result a recommendation of not using remote metadata for sources other than Federation metadata?


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> I use "port open", I have never found a compelling reason to use anything
> else. So I have no idea.
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