How to query decoded SAML response in Shbboleth SP version 3.0.1

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Thu Oct 21 16:05:12 UTC 2021

* Kannan, Satheesh (ELS-CON) <s.kannan.1 at> [2021-10-21 17:51]:
> Your reply clarified a lot. My end goal is to display the decrypted
> the Reponse/Assertion in the User Interface *before SAML Assertion
> to be extracted and passed to an application.

Oh, and the Shib SP never "passes [Assertions or Reponses] to an
application". Depending on the use/purpose that may have security
implications and SAML has some rules for that, IIRC.

You may do that yourself, though, after getting the Assertion from the
SP using the method I just described in my previous post.


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