How to query decoded SAML response in Shbboleth SP version 3.0.1

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Thu Oct 21 16:01:26 UTC 2021

* Kannan, Satheesh (ELS-CON) <s.kannan.1 at> [2021-10-21 17:51]:
> Your reply clarified a lot. My end goal is to display the decrypted
> the Reponse/Assertion in the User Interface *before SAML Assertion
> to be extracted and passed to an application.

Outside of a technical demo showcase I don't think any user interface
should show SAML protocol messages but YMMV.

> Logging saml messages in the log file doesn't solve my problem.

Sessions/@exportLocation (and possibly Session/@exportACL) is what you
want, then.
The documentation covers the protocol to use to get the assertion(s)
from the SP and you'll find example code (in Python) from me in the
list archives demonstrating use of the protocol.


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