IdP as quasi-portal?

John C. Pfeifer pfeifer at
Tue Oct 19 12:18:18 UTC 2021

In our login.vm, we have:

	#springMessageText("umd.cas.announcement", “")

The shib admins are the only ones who can set the property (which is usually blank). We generally only use this for announcements about the SSO service itself (such as Duo rollouts).

I would be opposed to using this for generalized announcements; I’d think that a intercept page might be more appropriate since it is more “in the face” and you could also set it up that the user only gets the message once a day (or whatever time interval is desired).

John Pfeifer
Division of Information Technology
University of Maryland, College Park

> On Oct 18, 2021, at 6:17 PM, IAM David Bantz <dabantz at> wrote:
> Is your institutional IdP being used to broadcast messages to users in the credential login page?
> If so, how is that working out? Who is allowed to post messages there?
> How have you adapted login to display such messages?
> David St. Pierre Bantz
> U Alaska
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