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Cristiano Palazzi cristianopalazzi at
Mon Nov 22 19:38:13 UTC 2021

I understand that there is no need to implement all the authentication
steps in the JSP.
However, the implementation reported in the documentation allows the final
step to redirect the JSP back to the IDP and then to the SP and this is
exactly what I would like to accomplish.

While in the current implementation (completing the final authentication
step after a POST) this doesn't happen.
I test it with a client REST API and the response's header contains
a redirect to the IDP as expected, but I am not able to apply this redirect
to the JSP.


Il giorno lun 22 nov 2021 alle ore 18:02 Cantor, Scott <cantor.2 at>
ha scritto:

> You don't have to implement the finalize step in JSP anymore than you have
> to implement the start call there. It's a Java API. You need to be in the
> container, in the context, and have the flow key to make the final call
> after setting the appropriate servlet attributes, that's all.
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