mod_shib chokes UTF8 character

Luo, Pan pan.luo at
Sat Jun 26 00:39:13 UTC 2021

Hi everyone,

We have a user whose name includes an UTF8 character (O’Brien). The character "’" chokes mod_shib when parsing the attribute. The user can log in without problem after change the character to '. We got the following error message on the web page:

The system encountered an error at Fri Jun 25 23:24:19 2021
To report this problem, please contact the site administrator at xxxxxx.
Please include the following message in any email:
xmltooling::XMLParserException at (
XML error(s) during parsing, check log for specifics

In the apache log, we got the following:

[Fri Jun 25 23:24:19.755383 2021] [mod_shib:error] [pid 1444] [client] XML error(s) during parsing, check log for specifics, referer:

It says check log for specifics, but no other error in shibd/apache logs. According to the shibd log, the session is created successfully.

shibd version is 3.0.4.

Anyone ran into this before? Any advice to solve it? Thanks

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