Shibboleth.DEPRECATION : MetadataGenerator handler

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I guess what I was looking for is something about “here’s what to use instead”. I was vaguely aware of the script, but thought it was simply an older testing tool of some kind. It hadn’t sunk in that that was the recommended replacement to the metadata-generator endpoint. Some statement somewhere on the wiki page for the MetadataGenerator handler might lead people in the right direction.


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>    I can’t find anything about this in the Release-notes or google.

"While deprecating a feature does not guarantee it will be removed and not deprecating something does not guarantee its continued support, we have tried to identify the most likely features that are at risk during the redesign process that will occur before a V4 is available."

I don't know what more you're looking for here but if you want a specific comment...There is probably no chance that there will be such a mechanism in V4 because we don't have that designed into the Java code now and it will be even harder to pull off given the split in the design.

I do anticipate that having some means of getting some of the information out such as algorithm support may be added in a different form.

-- Scott

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