Comprehensive documentation for installation of Shibboleth IDP 4 on Mac OS with Jetty 10

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Mon Dec 6 18:39:27 UTC 2021

* Kay Taylor <kay_taylor at> [2021-12-06 19:02]:
> There is nothing available here:
> Installation from that link above is sparse and says really nothing
> about how to complete installation of Shibboleth IDP 4 on Mac OS
> with Jetty 10.

You can either work with the existing documentation and figure out how
Jetty 10 differs from Jetty 9.4 (and maybe contribute the required
documentation changes to the project wiki) or opt to use the software
versions for which documentation does exists (Jetty 9.4).

Of course bearing in mind the System Requirements wiki page where
looking for macOS you'd fall through to this:

> Other Java distributions that are substantially identical or meant
> to be fully compatible with OpenJDK 11 are of course likely to work,
> but are officially regarded as unsupported [...]

("Non-Windows Installation") and
should get you a working system, I would hope.
(I couldn't day, I'm still deploying the IDP with Tomcat.)

How and where you'd get the required JVM and Java Servlet Container in
compatible versions is up to you and/or your OS vendor.


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