OpenSAML 3.4.1 saml2p:Response SignatureValue contains necoded CR

Ivaylo Milev i.milev at
Fri Aug 13 09:30:30 UTC 2021

Hi guys,

Apologies if this is not the right list, but I am trying to get OpenSAML to
generate a saml2p:Response without any line breaks (or whitespace for that
matter), and could not find the OpenSAML specific list (got 404).

I have tried providing the
option to the JVM, but the output generated by OpenSAML 3.4.1 still
includes the 
 in the SignatureValue.

I know xml dig signature processors *should* be able to deal with /n and
/r/n cases, but I suspect a .NET client using Sustainsys2 doesn't.

Anyhow, I would appreciate any guidance on how to produce a Response that
has no &xd; characters (or CRLFs) in the SignatureValue, or one that has
been cannonicalized to exclude any superflous whitespace altogether.



PS  I have been led to use by
the below:
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