headerMapRef Usage within HTTPConnector

Krug, Jeff Jeff.Krug at gtri.gatech.edu
Mon Aug 9 18:29:30 UTC 2021

I have an old legacy data connector that connects to an HTTP service and has some obscure security header (almost certainly some obfuscated security via obscurity approach, but I don't have control over how the service does security just control over how this IDP connects to it), but it requires an Authorization header that is very dynamic (includes time stamping and a hash of the payload of the current transaction).  I saw some examples on the users list when the headerMapRef was used for a static header, but I didn't see anything where headerMapRef was used for a generated header based on a bunch of data that is known to the connector.  Does anyone have something like this?  Does this even sound doable with HTTPConnector?  Would it expose data held in the URL Template to a bean referenced with headerMapRef in anyway?

It is feeling like the easiest thing might be to just port the old Data Connector.

Jeffrey Krug (jeffrey.krug at gtri.gatech.edu)
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