All Jira software projects have been migrated

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Mon Aug 9 17:57:53 UTC 2021

The migration of the big stuff took place this morning and afternoon and we have moved all the software projects to

Anonymous access is enabled on all the material as before, but Atlassian will not allow those logged into their system to be treated as anonymous, so that typically blocks access unless you have been granted access as a named user, which we will grant for any non-public email accounts upon request, generally.

The Member support desk remains on the old system and will take some time this week to recreate and finish testing before we switch that over, which is why hasn't been redirected as a whole over to the new system. Project and issue links have been redirected.

Various paths into the old projects still exist but anybody finding those *should* be blocked from filing new issues or editing things, but we'll keep eyes open and this should be relatively a short term co-existence now.

I am busy recreating all the old issue filters and updating the release notes today to avoid too much disruption when we finally turn the old system off.

-- Scott

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