Trying to configure RP for OIDC

Mohamed Lrhazi lrhazi at
Mon Aug 9 17:55:10 UTC 2021


I upgraded our IdP to 4.1.2, from 4.0.1. I removed my OIDC config, and now
trying to add it back in the new version, new OIDC plugin.

I keep getting this error:

2021-08-09T13:30:16.581424-04:00 idp-server-4.1.2-test/
3b724cc02fb7[1269]: shib-idp;idp-process.log;dev;nothing;2021-08-09 13:30:16
,562 - - INFO [org.opensaml.
saml.common.binding.impl.SAMLMetadataLookupHandler:167] - Message Handler:
No metadata returned for in role {urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:
metadata}SPSSODescriptor with protocol

Though the RP metadata seems to have been detected :

2021-08-09T13:29:37.921632-04:00 idp-server-4.1.2-test/
3b724cc02fb7[1269]: shib-idp;idp-process.log;dev;nothing;2021-08-09 13:29:37
,911 - / - INFO [net.shibboleth.oidc.metadata.impl.
AbstractReloadingOIDCEntityResolver:213] - Next refresh cycle for metadata
provider '/opt/shibboleth-idp/metadata/OIDC-python-sample-app.json' will
occur on '2021-08-09T21:29:37.910976Z' ('2021-08-09T17:29:37.910976-04:00[
America/New_York]' local time)

I am sure I am missing a few things! Thanks a lot for any hints, or link to
an example OIDC config, using the new plugin/IdP version.

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