Idp 3 could not open connection to MySql

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Wed Oct 28 14:00:07 UTC 2020

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>    where the username is just the same except some upper/lowercase letters. This can be the source of my problem?

It's *a* problem; you are responsible for ensuring that subject c14n and all the rest of the system work in concert to produce appropriate identifiers and if that includes mixed-case then the database has to accommodate that.

The storage service contract across all use cases generically  is that the primary key fields are absolutely case-sensitive, but in terms of the consent feature, the deployer is also additionally in control of the keys it generates for the records.

So there are multiple different places in the system where the deployer has control to account for the issue *even if* the database isn't set up properly to allow case-sensitive keys.

But that has nothing to do with the perpetual issue of JDBC instability. There's nothing the IdP can do to get a connection that the driver won't let it have. If it's not timing out as instructed when it can't get one, that's something I would be concerned about, but there's nothing else the code can do.

-- Scott

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