Shib v4.0.1

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Thu Nov 19 19:08:11 UTC 2020

On 11/19/20, 2:01 PM, "users on behalf of Herron, Joel D" <users-bounces at on behalf of herronj at> wrote:

>    You can comment out or remove the bean declaration in conf/c14n/subject-c14n.xml. It’s there as legacy support for
> PrincipalConnectors that were used prior to NameIDGenerators. Tho I could swear it comes through as a warning in 3.4.x
> as we just removed that in our prep to move to 4.

The PrincipalConnectors were the opposite, they mapped NameIDs into usernames, it's for consuming them for queries.

It used to just warn about the feature being deprecated. The V4 warning is simply that it's dead, that bean won't do anything and it will warn until it's removed.

-- Scott

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