Shibboleth IdP 4 System Requirements Clarification

Sheldon, Nathan I Nathan.Sheldon at
Tue Nov 17 22:54:13 UTC 2020

Hi everyone.

The “SystemRequirements” page on the Shibboleth IdP 4 wiki (, under the "Other platform/version requirements” heading says "Only Tomcat 9+ is officially supported by the project at this time.”  But 2 bullet points below that it also says "The recommended container implementation is Jetty... At present, Jetty 9.4 is recommended.”

So is the recommendation to use a container that isn’t officially supported?  Or has the official support for Tomcat 9+ changed? Or are both Tomcat 9+ and Jetty 9.4 officially supported?

Nathan Sheldon
Systems Integration Engineer
    Identity and Access Management,
    Information Technology Services
University of California, San Francisco

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