SP configuration for Apache virtual hosts

Swartzentruber, Jeb A - swart2ja swart2ja at jmu.edu
Tue May 19 22:39:46 UTC 2020

> You could have lead with that 2 emails ago. ;) What's the content (if any) you see at that URL? A nicely rendered website from some application, maybe?

Sorry Peter, I'm quite new to the shib side of this and still learning how things are supposed to work. The content rendered is the Apache "ErrorDocument 404 /pages/404.html" that I configured.

> There's probably something else eating the shib handler, e.g. a proxypass or a rewrite routing all requests to a specific application.
> If the above isn't sufficient for you to identify your webserver misconfiguration maybe you could provide the relevant parts of your
vhost(s) config.

There's no ProxyPass, and I commented out the RewriteRule that was just making http > https. Still no luck. My vhost config really only has a few customizations:
	NameVirtualHost *:443
	UseCanonicalName On
	DocumentRoot /www-dev
	ServerName dev.sp.jmu.edu
shib.conf has all the defaults:
	<Location /Shibboleth.sso>
	  AuthType None
	  Require all granted

I did notice that I can view the session using
but I also get the 404 page for
I would assume that since /Shibboleth.sso is defined in a Location directive, that it should work for both.


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