Localization question

jhelmer jhelmer at unicon.net
Tue Mar 17 13:58:17 EDT 2020

I followed the instructions to enable localization for shibboleth, and I
added the control to the login page to allow me to switch languages.   So
far, so good.

The next problem I have is that I need to be able to transmit the locale
back to the app that is actually logging in.   I don't want the user to have
to select a locale on the login page and then re-select it when they are
back in the app.

Ideally, I would prefer to append a param to the target address like

Failing that, I could live w/ adding locale as an attribute, but generally,
supporting a URL param is going to be easier for the apps in this ecosystem
than an user attribute.

I'm not quite sure where to look to even attempt that though.   I've been
searching the internet and the source code, but so far I have not found
anything useful.


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