Release date for 3.1.0

Joshua Brodie josbrodie at
Fri Mar 6 18:32:42 EST 2020

Hi Paul:

>We're loading the SAML logout for each SP within iframes on our identity
provider's logout page.

Could you share how this is being done? I have scored the wiki looking for

Thanks. Regards.

On Thu, 5 Mar 2020 at 07:35, Paul Brears <pbrears at> wrote:

> We're loading the SAML logout for each SP within iframes on our identity
> provider's logout page.
> The Identity provider then displays a message based on the logout status
> returned by the SP
> We currently think we need the setting on the cookie to make this work.
> Paul
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> > Is there a planned release date for 3.1.0?
> No, not really. When I can, that's all I can say. Most of the major work
> is done but the cookie changes are huge and need testing.
> With Chrome unlikely to remove the 2 minute rule and nobody else moving
> rapidly to change the default, I don't see much urgency.
> > We act as IdP (with front channel single logout) to multiple third
> > parties, one of which is using Shibboleth SP as proxy, and the impact
> > to MacOs/iOS users of their service is acceptable if they're able to
> > roll out the SameSite=None attribute across cookies.
> If you mean they don't care about Safari breaking, they can do that
> already. The change includes the ability to accommodate Safari.
> It also doesn't matter for logout, the SP doesn't require its cookie to be
> supplied for logout to work.
> -- Scott
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