Scopes in IdP metadata

Mohamed Lrhazi lrhazi at
Thu Mar 5 09:48:42 EST 2020


I have setup our IdP for a couple of years now, and have been happily
adding new SPs every now and then, and everyone is happy :)

Today am trying to add an SP and they complain that our metadata has this
example section in it:

            <shibmd:Scope regexp="false"></shibmd:Scope>


I obviously left the example from the sample metadata file... and never got
to learn about scopes at all....

Anyone has a link to some high level document I could read to figure what
would the implications be if I were to: try and fix this...  Can I just
remove the Extensions/ Scope element from my IdP metadata, or should I
change the scope to be one of our DNS domain names, what should my scope
be? and do I need to have one at all? I guess maybe mine has been all these years! is that bad? :)

Thanks a lot,
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