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Thank you. Very helpful guidance as always. I appreciate it.

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> > My level of Spring comprehension is low -- how do I invoke
> 'fileResource1' and 'fileResource2' to load the files? Is the
> > configuration below somewhat sane?
> I really wouldn't do this (there's no security for starters), but if
> you're trying to use remote resources for a service, you need to put the
> resource beans inside the list of service resources as the list values, you
> don't just reference the backup file from the list as though it were a
> local file. I doubt it would even work, because nothing will probably ever
> fetch the file and create the backup.
> Do NOT use a file caching HttpClient. That doesn't do what you think it
> does and adds nothing when combined with the file-backed resource class.
> The resource class does all the work needed.
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