IDP signs the SAML Assertion

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The metadata is part of the InCommon aggregate. I found this on the SP's 

/Q: I realize that Foundry requires the Assertion of SAML Responses to 
be signed by the identity provider. But in the InCommon service provider 
for my organization, in //*SPSSODescriptor*//, you do not have the 
attribute //|WantAssertionsSigned="true"|//. Will you please add this 
/A: It appears that InCommon does not currently support this metadata 
attribute. Therefore, you will need to ensure that your identity 
provider signs the assertions for the Foundry service provider./

In my relying-party.xml file for this SP I currently have:

p:encryptAssertions="false" p:signAssertions="false" p:signResponses="true"


On 6/9/20 4:54 PM, Mak, Steve wrote:
> It should take you 1-2 files to be able to determine if you are 
> signing assertions: relying-party.xml and the sp-metadata.xml file for 
> their SP.
> relying-party.xml is where you globally or specifically 
> allow/deny/force signing.
> sp-metadata.xml file is where an SP can choose to request a signed 
> assertion if allowed and the IdP doesn't force it.
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> I've a SP vendor asking:
> /Are you able to go in to your identity provider, go to the service 
> provider configuration, and ensure that the IDP signs the SAML Assertion?
> /
> How can I actually prove this or not prove it?
> Don
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