institutions using Shibboleth to authenticate Peoplesoft

Liam Hoekenga liamr at
Tue Jul 28 18:16:26 UTC 2020

Hey folks -

We are using Shibboleth and some custom sign-on PeopleCode.
We're curious as to who might be doing this as well?

I've done a quick search of the archives since early 2019, and it looks
like the list might be..
Southern Methodist University
Princeton University
Sheridan College
Tufts University
University of Virginia
the Ohio State University
University of Utah
(University of Michigan)

We only recently migrated from our legacy SSO to Shibboleth and are having
some integration issues that Oracle has pinned on Shibboleth.

Specifically, we're trying to debug a SameSite issue with Chrome 80+ when
using Peoplesoft Direct connect feature to connect to vendors for
ordering.  (The vendor in question is Jaegger / Sciquest).  We're hoping
some of the other Shib / PS institutions might have experience with this?

Liam Hoekenga
ITS Identity and Access Management
The University of Michigan
liamr at
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