shibboleth repository for SLES 12 SP5

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Tue Feb 18 09:06:48 EST 2020

Make that 2.
We run SLES on Z and RHEL on X.  Life would be easier if that weren't the case.

SLES packages are, in our experience, not always the most up to date... I'm not sure how much of that issue is due to the architecture though.  YMMV.

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>> That means, that even if there is a repository for SLES 12 SP5 right 
>> now, that does not indicate that there will be ongoing builds of new 
>> SP-versions until SP5 is EOL
> That's not how I understood things but I'll let Scott clarify.

I more or less said that yes, I'm trying to drop SUSE. The OP makes...exactly one person I know about using it, and add to that 12 is the only one left that would be implicated, and that's out of date anyway. We need to get the packaging moved off the OBS, and including SUSE long term will be a hassle with very little return on the investment in time.

If a member indicates they still need it, that would matter, but the member that asked for it originally before membership existed was clear they no longer do.

-- Scott

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