shibboleth repository for SLES 12 SP5

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Mon Feb 17 11:10:12 EST 2020

On 2/17/20, 10:53 AM, "users on behalf of UM-IT" <users-bounces at on behalf of UM-IT at> wrote:

> The current version in the official repository of SLES 12 SP4 is the „slightly“ outdated shibboleth-sp-2.5.5-6.6.1 which I
> don´t want to use for obvious reasons.

If there's an official version at all on *12*, that's not known to me. I would not have packaged there if I had known that, but this is the last Service Pack for 12, so I'm not going to get in a big huff over it. We're basically headed towards dropping support there once we redo the packaging in AWS anyway, so for all intents and purposes please consider this a clear signal we're moving to members only support for it, and solely based on the packages they distribute. If they don't have a maintained package on 12, I would be getting off it and on to OpenSUSE.

I do have a contact for the OpenSUSE packaging on 13+ and he's stayed in the loop with me, so it's in the Debian category that is essentially "supported" for members because we trust the packagers.

> That's irresponsible in my opinion, if there is a build in the official respository I would assume, that this is a supported
> version with all security fixes included (which I highly doubt in that case).

It has been generally supported properly on 13+. I can't necessarily claim that's true on 12, but it is true on later versions. So you might find it's been patched, I don't know. One would have to investigate the source history.

> Thanks for your great support,

You're welcome.

-- Scott

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