Using custom metadata for my SP

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Thu Feb 6 06:06:33 EST 2020

* Vjger <vjger69 at> [2020-02-06 11:56]:
> Now I need to federate my SP with external IDPs and so I need to
> customize the SP metadata in according to IDPS requisites about
> metadata and assertion.

That should not be the case: Your metadata describes your SP,
independently from who's asking.

> I have ipotetically to ways:
> 1) Use of Metadata Generation Handler:

That cannot produce arbitrary customizations (you don't explain just
how your own metadata would have to differ for those IDPs) that way
and there's no trust in pointing anyone at the gerenator's URL.

> 2) Customize metadata by me and share it with idps.

If you had to produce varying metadata documents for a single SP, yes.

> I would use 2) solution but this arises my question: where do I put
> my custom metadata so that my SP knows and use it?

Why would the SP need to "know and use" metadata about itself?
It's (only) the IDPs that will need the SP's metadata.


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