Using custom metadata for my SP

Vjger vjger69 at
Thu Feb 6 05:56:13 EST 2020

Hi to all.

I'm configuring a Shibboleth SP 3 on CentOS 7 machine.

I've configured an Shibboleth ID too and I got a correct login flow using
the Discovery Service too.

Now I need to federate my SP with external IDPs and so I need to customize
the SP metadata in according to IDPS requisites about metadata and

I have ipotetically to ways:

1) Use of Metadata Generation Handler: as written on documentation but 
"/The purpose of this handler is NOT to supply other systems with production
metadata but rather to assist with testing, and generation of metadata
examples useful in understanding how to produce actual metadata. Mature
deployments will often require metadata content that goes beyond what the
handler can generate, and directly coupling metadata to a configuration
makes certain configuration changes more likely to cause service

2) Customize metadata by me and share it with idps. 

I would use 2) solution but this arises my question: where do I put my
custom metadata so that my SP knows and use it? I didn't find any tag inside
shibboleth2.xml that "points" a custom metadata so I suppose that there is a
specific location on file system (and a specific file name). Besides, must I
comment by shibboleth2.xml this tag?

            <Handler type="MetadataGenerator" Location="/Metadata"

Thanks in advance.

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