idp 4.0 with oidc 2.0, no OIDCExtendedNamingRegistry

Jim Fox fox at
Thu Apr 30 18:56:09 EDT 2020

>> And searching through everything in (idp_home) I can find no bean definition for OIDCExtendedNamingRegistry.
> It's inside (one of) the jar files of the plugin. The reason it's not loading I suspect is an upgrade artifact combined with the age of your web.xml customizations. Your copy was forked off a very early iteration that lacks the hook the plugin is using to install itself that was not in the original 3.0.0.
> Check dist/WEB-INF/web.xml against your copy.

Mine looks exactly like that, with the postconfig.xml

I also don't see any OIDCExtendedNamingRegistry in any of the jars in the 
oidc distribution.  Which one should it be in?


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