Shibboleth SP Server variables in IIS

user1630508 pgrandsard at
Thu Apr 23 22:01:33 EDT 2020

I have confirmed that the only way to see the attributes in classic asp is by
turning on useHeaders or by the ill-advised attributePrefix="HTTP_"
I have also confirmed the attributes show up in Request.Headers in
so they are indeed header values.

However in with useHeaders false and useVariables true,
Request.ServerVariables[] does not return any "Shib" or IdP attribute
variables on my server, I tried turning off as much as I could while still
having a running website, but no luck.

Maybe it's specific to our app, or server, I don't know but for reference
our setup is:
Windows 2012R2 64 bit / IIS 8.5
App Pool:
.NET CLR: 4.0
Enable 32bit: true
Managed pipeline: classic

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