Shibboleth SP Server variables in IIS

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Thu Apr 23 16:35:55 EDT 2020

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> Nope. It's not.

It is (in .NET, at least) in testing. Did you actually try to access it?

> Here's Request.ServerVariables["ALL_RAW"] 

That does not show the variables, never has. You'd have to ask Microsoft why, but I think you stumbled on to the reason. They're special casing the ones they know, and then including anything with the HTTP prefix that signifies headers. The ones created internally they don't know about they simply don't include in the RAW dump because of how it's constructed.

I've tested Request.ServerVariables["Shib-Identity-Provider"] and the rest many times in the course of researching issues, and it's there every time I do. It is not there on ASP Classic, however. And it is never in the RAW dump.

The prefix trick appears to address that, but at the cost of profound confusion since it is *not* a header. Making it look like one may be a convenience to adapt to code, but it's a lousy choice otherwise. The prefix feature is there for other reasons.

-- Scott

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