Getting can not create inner bean error.

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Wed Sep 11 10:08:58 EDT 2019

* send2amol <amol.choudhari at> [2019-09-11 15:32]:
> Thanks a lot Peter for your inputs. Yes the LDAP details are not actual just
> for reference. I have configured file. I have the cert file
> created. I tried both setting SSL to true and false but its showing same
> error. I can try removing the cert file line.

You're not providing relevant technical details. Are you actually
trying to use StartTLS or SSL when connecting to your LDAP directory

> I also want to understand if you could guide. If I am not using data
> connecter then how can I make my attribute tied to specific
> connection. Lets say I want email to be used for user credentials
> validation in shibboleth for G suite but then uid(which is not mail)
> for other service like LMS.

I read that paragraph twice but I still don't understand it.
Looking up data (or passing it along to an SP) has nothing to do with
authentication ("credentials").
Passing along data (attribute filter) is completely separate from
lookup up data (attribute resolver).

If all else fails try the documentation:
esp the parts referenced in this paragraph:

"To configure a new IdP from scratch, you will need to address these areas first:
* Metadata
* Authentication
* Attribute Resolver
* Attribute Filter"


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