IDP 3.4.4 stops processing authentications

Miguel Salinas Vivancos msalinas at
Tue Sep 10 03:28:37 EDT 2019

We are observing a disruptive behaviour on the authenticacion process in the IDP.
>From time to time, maybe once a day, we can see that Shibboleth is accepting requests (seen in idp-process.log) but they aren't processed (nothing in the idp-audit.log). This happens during aprox. 30 minutes and after that the system begins to process the requests normally.

In the past we were using Shibboleth IDP 3.1.2 over Java 1.7, deployed in a Tomcat 7, and we detected massive usage of the CPUs in that moments so we change the Garbage Collector in Tomcat options to use Concurrent Mark Sweep. That solved our problem.

Now we have upgraded the environment so we are using Shibboleth IDP 3.4.4 over Java 1.8, deployed in a Tomcat 8.5.
And this "Stop The World" behaviour is acting again; we changed to CMS collector but with no effect.

We are studing to use G1GC, but first we are trying to understand the Garbage Collector effect on the IDP. On the development environment, with jstatd and jvisualvm we can see how the objects in memory are moving through young and old generation but we are not able to reproduce the error (in Production we have about 80 logins/minute).

Do you know if IDP 3.4.4 needs some heapspace tunning?
Do you recommend of changing to G1GC? I know it will be the default in Java 9...
Is there a way to send large amount of requests? We are trying JMeter but is a work in progress :(

Thank you so much,

Miguel Salinas Vivancos
Identity Management Integrator
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