IdP 3.4.4 idp.home issue

sandeep sandeepursks at
Thu Sep 5 11:14:08 EDT 2019

Dear Users,

We are using IdP 3.4.4 version for our application.
We use tomcat version 8.5.39 . Under $catalina.home/conf/
, we are using idp.home as a variable  to set Idp.home 

my *cateline.home l*ocation is c:\application\tomcat
and Idp location is c:\application\Idp
We need you support to set 
We try to set *idp.home* = ${cateline.home}/../Idp . But this idp.home path
is not resolved to absolute path & below error is observed

* net.shibboleth.idp.spring.IdPPropertiesApplicationContextInitializer:
Unable to find '/conf/' at well known locations

kindly let us know if there is any issue while setting ipd.home using
relative path (${cateline.home}/../Idp)

Thanks & Regards
Sandeep KS

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