Office 365 Integration with IdP

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Came back to say basically this. After researching and such, came to the same conclusion. With UnboundID you don't get to tell it how to interpret attributes through the same interfaces we have with JNDI. I would absolutely love to rebuild it all from scratch but I don't think that is going to be in the cards for me. : )

JNDI on Java 8 or bust for me it seems. 

Thank you all again for taking time to work with me on this. 

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> IIRC, UnboundID does not handle binary attributes.

There's just not an option exposed to control it, AFAIK.

> If you need to pass this then you need to use JNDI for ldap 
> operations.  If you need LDAPS then you need to revert to Java 8 to use JNDI because of the bug on Java>8.


Or for a new deployment, just avoid binary attributes to begin with.

-- Scott

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