Web application

Peter Schober peter.schober at univie.ac.at
Mon Oct 28 09:00:13 EDT 2019

* Landry BIAO <iloumon53 at gmail.com> [2019-10-25 18:24]:
> Hi all, can you help me submit my web applications for shibboleth for
> authentication? I'm running on Ubuntu. Can I have a configuration guide.

Or did you mean you are running the Shibboleth IDP on Ubuntu?

The fact that your IDP runs on Ubuntu (any version) would be
irrelevant for your web application, then (assuming you're not also
running the protected web application on the same server as your IDP,
which you should NOT do). What's important then is what OS and version
your web application runs as, what software stack it's using (web
server, application server, application language, etc.) and so on.


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