Configuration for back channel attribute resolution (IdP v3)

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Fri Oct 25 10:52:37 EDT 2019

On 10/25/19, 5:18 AM, "users on behalf of Simon McLeish" <users-bounces at on behalf of simon.mcleish at> wrote:

> 1) Is there a way to do this just using the attribute resolver? Or will it be necessary to make use c14n?

C14n *is* the replacement, the resolver has nothing to do with this functionality anymore.

> 2) I'm looking at c14n/attribute-sourced-subject-c14n-config.xml. Do I need to do anything to make the configuration
> file active in the IdP workflow? Since I'm not actually intending to change the subject name, it's not at all obvious how to
> change this file to get what I want, but the other sample files are even less close to what I want to do.

c14n/SAML2Transform with a direct regex that replaces a string with itself is all you need to not change the name from SAML to internal.

-- Scott

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