Shibboleth for Publishers

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Wed Oct 16 18:20:14 EDT 2019

> Thanks!  We'll take a look.  Seems strange to be trying to make Shibboleth a universal standard and yet not have a
> simple instruction for publishers to integrate... 

We're not trying to make Shibboleth a universal anything, nor are we a "standard". We implement standards in our software. SAML is probably the standard you are thinking of, but I think you have the project confused with somebody else that's making you think you need to, or should do, something in particular.
I also think you might be under the mistaken impression that Shibboleth is something you integrate with, but it is not a service you use, it's software you choose to install and support locally.  We are an open source project (quite a small one in fact) that makes software that people deploy to support the use cases it supports. You don't integrate *with* Shibboleth, except in the strict technical sense of integrating applications with a deployed instance of the Service Provider software we make to support SSO.

-- Scott

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