IdP load test results

Bruce Timberlake brucetim at
Tue Oct 8 14:50:57 EDT 2019

Thank you for sharing that (methodology and results) - Univ of
Michigan is preparing to undertake load testing of our IdP
infrastructure in the upcoming months as we are planning a shift to
Shibboleth as our primary/sole web SSO offering and also need to
provide assurances to various groups on campus that the infrastructure
will withstand the increased traffic.

Your explanation of the processes and monitoring points that you used
helps me clarify a lot of what we are trying to do. The team here will
do a more thorough reading/review of your document in an upcoming
meeting, and we would be happy to share any feedback or additional
questions we come up with during that review.

Bruce Timberlake
Sr Application Systems Administrator
ITS Identity and Access Management
University of Michigan
T: (734) 647-2444

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