Jetty 9.4 listening on http

Wessel, Keith kwessel at
Wed May 29 12:46:41 EDT 2019

I feel like this should be obvious but I've yet to find a solution from my experimenting or in the wiki, the Jetty docs, or the list archive. I'm upgrading to Jetty 9.4 and want my IdP to listen on localhost:8080 using http s it's fronted by Apache. I'm using the sample Jetty 9.4 artifact that the IdP developers were kind enough o provide. I've tried commenting out the jetty.ssl.* settings in idp.ini and adding jetty.http.port=8080 but ended up getting an error about a keystore not being defined. I then got crazy and edited idp.mod to change the dependency module from https to http. Now, instead of getting an error about a keystore, I'm getting no default protocol for ServerConnector.

What's the best way to convert the sample files to use http instead of https? This seems to have changed since 9.3. I like the cleaner jetty-base layout and more things being pulled in, rather than copied from, the jetty-home. But I'm stumped on this one.


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