John Dennis jdennis at
Tue May 21 11:48:24 EDT 2019

On 5/21/19 9:39 AM, Luc Landry wrote:
> I especially want you to help me in the list of tools that I will need 
> on windows server for such an implementation.

This is a community site serviced by volunteers. It would help your case 
if you demonstrated a willingness to research the material yourself 
(RTFM) instead of asking others to do your work for you. Then after 
you've invested the time to learn the material come back and ask 
specific questions to cover the gaps in your understanding. The 
Shibboleth Wiki is an excellent resource, the reason why folks invested 
time into writing all that documentation is so they don't have to hold 
everyone's hand who wants to deploy SSO.

John Dennis

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