passing attributes from mod_shib via proxy to an application

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Fri May 17 20:10:09 EDT 2019

* Marcus Schopen <lists at> [2019-05-16 22:17]:
> So connecting a Flask app via mod_wsgi directly in Apache would be
> the safer way for you, right?

Last time I checked mod_wsgi wasn't recommended to be use on systems
that have untrusted users on them (such as web hosting platforms) but
that's not what you asked, I think. ;)
For Python code code in a Flask app it's just looking at the
request.environ dictionary, so it's fine.

FWIW, uWSGI is an extremely flexible and powerful web application
server for Python (and Perl and Ruby and other stuff) and it
integrates well with Apache httpd (and the Shib SP) via mod_uwsgi.


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