Shib + Kubernetes rollingupdates

Mark Y. Goh mgoh at
Thu May 16 14:34:29 EDT 2019

I run shibboleth3 on Google Kubernetes Engine and wondering if folks have
experience with getting rollingupdates working correctly with shib.

we run shib 3.3 with a hazelcast backend with google load balancer. i have
been experimenting with different values for periodSec, initialDelay but
have not found any combination that does not cause a small downtime
(3-10s). the 502 service unavailable error usually occurs when the new pod
becomes pending even though i have 3 working replicas. (4 replicas,
maxsurge 4, maxunavail 25%).


Mark Y. Goh, Lead Systems Administrator, California College of the
Arts, mgoh at
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