"Simple" SP install in Azure IIS

Crawford, Jeffrey jcrawford at it.ucla.edu
Tue May 14 16:15:04 EDT 2019


We have an application they want moved to Azure. It was a stand alone Windows server running IIS with the Shibboleth module installed. It doesn’t look like we have the same ability if the application is set up in Azure, or if it is I’m not seeing it.

What I’ve found so far is that it looks like that Azure would need to have ADFS enabled and we set up a Claims Trust Provider (CTP) to use Shibboleth as the ultimate IdP. Then the application should be able to be configured to use ADFS as it’s authentication site

Additionally it appears that any application in the ADFS domain would look like one entityID to us, so if there were multiple application behind it we would loose visibility as to who is logging in.

Has anyone found a simple way of just running IIS in Azure as a “simple” SAML Service Provider?

Jeffrey C.

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