user registration service provider application

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Tue May 7 04:47:57 EDT 2019

* Marcus Schopen <lists at> [2019-05-07 10:27]:
> Thank you. I'll give flask and python-saml a try.

For a simple provisioning call you don't need a full-blown WSGI
server, a CGI would suffice. So flask is overkill IMO, but YMMV.

And of course for the purpose of this list you wouldn't use
python-saml but the Shibboleth SP software instead, that's usable with
any server-based framework, including Pythonic ones.

(Also, if you decided to code your application not only specific to
the API of the app you intend to provision accounts to -- which is
unavoidable -- but also specific to the API of a python-based SAML
implementation, I'd use pysaml2 instead, as that's very likely the
more/most capable SAML implementation available in Python.)


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