user registration service provider application

Marcus Schopen lists at
Tue May 7 04:27:08 EDT 2019

Am Montag, den 06.05.2019, 06:32 +0000 schrieb Nate Klingenstein:
> My mistake, wrong Synapse.  I'm a little surprised there are so many
> products with that name...
> Anyway, it sounds like you want to take the attributes received from
> an IdP, "do something with them", then return to the SP and the
> resource.  That sounds like you could just use the sessionHook
> feature with a simple page like you describe:
> In this case, doing something with them is basically just making that
> http call.
> I don't think there are many examples out there because it's
> basically just reading environment variables and writing them to
> application-specific storage API's, which is both pretty simple code
> and not really recyclable.

Thank you. I'll give flask and python-saml a try.


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