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Tue Jul 30 15:36:06 EDT 2019


We just set up SSO with them. You can find their SSO doc here :


On 7/30/19, 3:23 PM, "users on behalf of mat houser" <users-bounces at on behalf of mhouser at> wrote:

    Hi All,
    I'm curious if anybody has gotten linkedin learning SSO working properly
    with the Shibboleth IdP.
    We have the metadata loaded, but when I use their session initiation
    process it errors out on the IdP and the logs indicate that the
    providerId is missing from the request.
    When I use the unsolicited handler I get successfully authenticated and
    returned to the site with a message about no nameID being in the
    I have no access to any documentation from them on what they expect in
    the response or what's wrong with their request.
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