Cannot load into server: The specified module could not be found

Yashodhan Deshpande deshpande.yashodhan at
Thu Jul 25 09:13:08 EDT 2019

Thanks Peter for you response

My Environment setup is like below.

1. OS : Windows Server 2008
2. Oracle HTTP Server version : (I See Apache Version as
Oracle-HTTP-Server/2.2.22 (Win64) - So I assumed it it Apache 2.2)
3. Shibboleth Version I am using is : shibboleth-sp-

For Setup, I have performed the following steps

1. Oracle HTTP Server was already installed
2. Installed  the shibboleth-sp-
3. updated Shibboleth2.xml
4. updated modified-attribute-map.xml
5. Validated configuration running
            shibd -check and got msg ("overall configuration is loadable,
check console for non-fatal problems". Fix any reported mistakes)
6. Updated httpd.conf file to include E:/Oracle/opt/shibboleth-sp/et
     Actually : I tried with both of the files apache22.config and
one by one. but got same error
Error for apache22.config  :  Cannot load into server: The
specified module could not be found
Error for apache24.config  :  Cannot load into server: The
specified module could not be found
7. Verified if "" and "" present at the path "
E:/Oracle/opt/shibboleth-sp/lib65/shibboleth". found both file are present
8. I checked both "" and ""  files
in Dependency Walker.
downloaded and placed missing DLL, but every time download missing DLL and
run check again it show more DDL are missing.


On Thu, 25 Jul 2019 at 16:43, Peter Schober <peter.schober at>

> * Yashodhan Deshpande <deshpande.yashodhan at> [2019-07-25 13:07]:
> > I am facing issue while configuring with Oracle HTTP Server for SAML
> > Authentication. after updating the httpd.conf file to inculpable
> > apache22.config server is failing to start with below error.
> > include E:/Oracle/opt/shibboleth-sp/etc/shibboleth/apache24.config
> FIrst you write about including "apache22.config" and then
> "apache24.config".
> Likewise you write "" in the subject of this email and
> the error message you quote below is about "".
> So which version of httpd is it?
> And what is the OS/distribution (or what it is based on if it's Oracle's)?
> How exactly did you install the Shib SP software?
> -peter
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Yashodhan Deshpande
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