common LDAP schemas to draw attribute definitions from

Liam Hoekenga liamr at
Mon Jul 1 14:49:44 EDT 2019

When I define new attributes, I try really hard to find appropriate
mappings from know schemas to use - obvious choices being eduPerson,
inetOrgPerson and other stuff inherited from x500.
(I feel like SCHAH is more broadly used outside of the US.  I'm not sure if
that's true.)

I'm hesitant to expose our internal OID assignments because we don't
document them outside of my team (I'd like to see us do something like
Stanford's "Directory Data Definitions -

For a similar reason, I'm also hesitant to use URLs, because I feel like
they should resolve to relevant information.  I realize we could start to
address both by improving documentation.

Short of exposing our own internal LDAP schema, what other schemas do
people draw from?
Defaults for OpenLDAP, AD and eDirectory?

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