Adding an entity attribute to every entity from a provider

Wessel, Keith kwessel at
Tue Apr 16 17:46:48 EDT 2019

Hi, all,

I want to add an entity attribute to every entity from the InCommon MDQ preview to know that it came from InCommon or eduGAIN. Since we're no longer working with a metadata aggregate that has an entity group over the whole set, this seems like the next best way to go. But this isn't as simple as <entity>*</entity> in my entityAttribute metadata filter, or at least I assume it isn't because I assume that regex won't work there. Best I've come up with so far is a  slightly modified version of the script example from the entityAttribute filter documentation on the wiki, replacing the last line of the script to always return true:

            (function (entityIDs) {
                "use strict";
                if (entityIDs === null) {
                    return function (entity) { return false; };
                return function (entity) {
                    if (entity === null) { return false; }
                    return true;

Seems like a lot of work to just say match everything. Is there an easier way?


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