LDAP recovery?

Paul B. Henson henson at cpp.edu
Wed Apr 10 17:22:03 EDT 2019

> From: Cantor, Scott
> Sent: Wednesday, April 10, 2019 12:07 PM
> The total timeout then becomes retries * timeout, so you could just set the
> timeout to that to start with if you want to allow that much time.

Hmm, but that's assuming you haven't received a response simply because the server has not gotten around to sending it to you yet 8-/. If you take into consideration all other possible reasons why you haven't received a response (say for example a firewall blipped and lost the state on your persistent connection) then trying three times with a one second timeout is a drastically different outcome than one time with a three second timeout.

> None of the other network clients in the system retry timed out requests
> that I know of. If you want that, you could use a FailoverConnector to
> achieve that goal.

I guess I will look into that if I can't find a better resolution. Although given the FailoverConnector would be connecting to the same systems as the primary connector, it seems it would also be vulnerable to the connection timing out and not being retried during a load balancer update, unless I guess if it didn't use a pool of connections and just opened a new one every time, which wouldn't be a performance issue if it was only ever used when the primary one failed.


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