LDAP recovery?

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at osu.edu
Wed Apr 10 15:06:43 EDT 2019

On 4/10/19, 2:47 PM, "users on behalf of Paul B. Henson" <users-bounces at shibboleth.net on behalf of henson at cpp.edu> wrote:

> I will need to follow up with our network group and test the behavior of the load balancer in the scenario. However, a
> response timeout can certainly be caused by an underlying network problem as opposed to an LDAP search problem. It
> seems how to handle it should at the least be a configurable option? I know my LDAP servers are not missing any
> indexes, if a query times out it is a transient problem and should be retried before considered a hard failure…

The total timeout then becomes retries * timeout, so you could just set the timeout to that to start with if you want to allow that much time.

None of the other network clients in the system retry timed out requests that I know of. If you want that, you could use a FailoverConnector to achieve that goal.

-- Scott

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